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There are now more than ten Costco Australia stores — great news for us Aussies who love a bargain!

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Australian shoppers love the wide variety of products available in the Costco catalogue and the amount of money they can save thanks to Costco coupons. Costco is a membership-based store, so sign up today at www. The Costco November catalogue is full of great deals. Costco sells a wide range of products, from its fresh food and groceries to small appliances, sporting goods, books, jewellery and much more! Most Costco warehouses are open from 10am to 8. Woolworths catalogue. Your browser does not support or has disabled notifications.

Home Groceries Costco. Subscribe to catalogues Receive up to date catalogues and the latest offers by e-mail. This way, you can rack up more cashback rewards with your credit card.

If you have a friend who is willing to buy a Costco Cash Card for you, you are golden. Many retailers offer a price match. You can check online for store policy and see when info they need to match Costco pricing. This is easier if you have a friend who is a Costco member that is willing to provide you with the Costco Coupon Book. These include:.

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Costco offers free health screenings to its members. You can click here to see the current schedule. The list is sorted by State and City. The offer is on a specific date with a very limited time window. Costco has a lot to offer, and we have been loyal members for over ten years.

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My advice is to give membership a try and go for the Executive membership to get the most out of your experience. If you are unsatisfied, then go ahead and ask them for a refund. So, how exactly does one obtain a lifetime membership for Costco, without haveing ever worked there, or ever having been married to a top executive?? I have seen one!!! I would so appreciate a discount on a membership card. Why dont you give a senior discount or a aarp discount, or any other civic organizational discounts??? I would hate to not have the use of my Costco American Express card. As a Costco Executive member, I have to say that in many cases Costco saves money.

Those two things alone save us enough to pay for the membership.

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There is a risk of overbuying since much of it comes in bulk. Also, it is a Costco cash check they send you, but you can take it to any Costco cashier and they will cash it out for you. We have been a Costco regular shoppers for years.


We also get cash back for every purchase and we pretty much get the membership fee back every year. We are a family of four and we buy most of our home supplies from Costco plus other stuffs. We love Costco but you have to know what you are buying. Find something that makes the membership worth it, then the rest of the year you can save a lot on stuff you would buy anyway. I use target and have been told by several different folks that target prices are within 1 percent of Costco always found Costco way to pricey and must not forget to shop walmart they are always in play.

I am in my 80s and depend on someone driving me to your Costco store. I buy all my paper products, cleaning products, cereals, treats, cooking oils. The person that drives me to your store buys much more, but she also comes only 3 or 4 times a year.

Can I purchase one Costco membership with two cards, one in her name and one in my name. This would be ideal for empty nesters like me who are on a fixed income. Thank you so much! I would like to know if there is a discount on the first year of membership when a new Costco store is open,thank you,Dave. I really gripes me to have to pay to shop at Costco. I let my card expire every year, but it has to go 2 months beyond expiration or the membership is retroactive. My card is expired at this writing and I do not intend to renew. I am 73 years old and almost all quantities are more than I need.

Walmart and Albertsons are within block, BiMart close enough. Costco spent millions to get hard liquor in the stores in Washington State. I do not drink.

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No more Costco for me. The small print in terms of membership for California residents: does the law here allow membership with no fee required? I work as a vendor in the flower case at costco. Is there a chance I can get one free or discounted? Advertiser Disclosure: We may be compensated by advertising and affiliate programs.

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